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Rooibos Tea - certified ORGANIC Tin 40 Sachets

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BOS Brands has recently launched two beautifully packed rooibos offerings. The BOS tin is a delightfully designed retro feeling container which will brighten up any kitchen; and the convenient box packs are ideal for refilling the tins. The top quality organic rooibos is exclusively sourced from Klipopmekaar and the teabags are made from “bioweb”; a new environmentally friendly packing material.

The BOS ethos: Good health does not need to be at the expense of good let-your-hair-down living. One can have it all - brilliant looking packaging, a great tasting tea and robustly beneficial ingredients.

Our style represents a purity of purpose as well as the energy and spirit of the BOS brand. BOS operates in the realm of the cool and the contemporary, employing potent African mythology and rich symbolism to articulate its message. There’s the Lion, striking emblem of Africa and first sign of the Zodiac; and above it, Sirius, The Dog Star, The Celestial Wolf, and The Leader, brightest star in the night sky. For ancient Egyptians, Sirius’s heliacal rising heralded the annual flooding of the Nile, bringing with it sustenance, wellbeing and abundance. We hope our product brings you plenty.

The Business of BOS – a short history:
BOS Brands (Pty) Ltd is a privately held South African company. BOS is headquartered in Woodstock, Cape Town and has offices in Gauteng, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

The BOS brand, packaging and range of ice teas were conceived by its founder Grant Rushmere. In 2009, Rooibos farmer & entrepreneur Richard Bowsher joined Grant as a co-founder of the business. Together they established the business and launched BOS’s initial range of ice teas into the South African market in June 2010.

In early 2011, Marié van Niekerk (Marketing Director) and Dave Evans (CEO) joined Grant and Richard as Owners and Directors of BOS Brands. In mid-2011, Invenfin, the VC division of the investment company Remgro Limited, and Sir Alex Ferguson, manager of internationally renowned and hugely popular Manchester United Football Club, made investments in BOS Brands.

By 2012 BOS's rapid growth and expansion attracted another round of investors resulting in the current management team all having shares in the business.

BOS stakeholders have a patient long-term vision… the core goal is to become a globally successful brand and beverages business; which is ethically managed (from farm to table), and is inspiring to its customers, employees and business partners.

BOS is proud to have developed and launched an authentic, joyful, healthy African brand - and a range of premium quality products which add value to African raw materials in Africa and create jobs for its inhabitants.

With hard work, dedication & luck, BOS’s enthusiastic stakeholders believe that BOS has the potential to one day be a globally successful brand and business.
Bos plants and maintains 1 tree for every 2000 cans, bottles or packs sold

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