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Our farm shop is open:
Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm
Saturdays 9 am to 2 pm

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044 876 0014 or 081 258 1725


Directions From George airport  entrance – Firstly, face the mountain.

  • Now, go to the 4 way stop then, TURN LEFT on the R102 to Great Brak
  • Continue for a short distance then, TURN RIGHT onto MIDDELRIETVLEI Road (dirt)
  • Carry on a little father, for about 1.6 kms past Genisis seedlings, on your left.
  • Then, turn left into the first road
  • You will see a sign RED BARN FREE RANGE CHICKEN, immediately on the corner.
  • Go a little father on, past Outeniqua Eggs. Continue to the end and turn right into our driveway!
  • Now, be sure to look out for the BIG RED BARN

044 876 0014

We don’t have Telkom, they stole the cables. This is a VoiP connection, for this reason, you may have problems. Then, call our cell!

Our cell

081 258 1725

In addition, add us to your contacts and you can WhatsApp us for free on this number 081 258 1725!

Red Barn Loves: dogs visitors children animals schools chickens pigs cows emus Contact Us - Visit our farm!

Contact us if you need a special visit or have animals in your car!

Contact Red Barn:

  1.  If you have animals in your car when visiting the farm. We have some big and small dogs we need to put away therefore, please call us!  We love well behaved animals, however, our dogs are quite territorial!
  2. Maybe you want to arrange a school, group or club visit, likewise, please call.
  3.  Perhaps you want to know more about free range farming in addition to visiting us, you will need to make an appointment.
  4. Would you like personal training on profitable chicken farming, then, you need to let us know well in advance.

Please note we have wonderful free range pet food! Go and look here now.

Contact us on 044 876 0014