We have some tyres in our veggie garden, along the fence and I thought it would be great to plant a Granadilla to climb along the fence, so I gave a plant to Jonathan and told him where to plant it.  He did!

All of a sudden, this “granadilla” was going crazy and basically taking over.  I took my 87-year-old mother to see this really strong plant.  She said, that’s amazing, but where did you plant my Madumbi?  I told here right next to it.

Then Filip was watering the garden from outside the fence and rested his arm on “the plant” he INSTANTLY came up in a HUGE rash and we had to take him to the doctor!  He told Filip to be very careful Never to eat Passion Fruit anything as he is Highly allergic!

So I looked online about allergies to Granadilla. I saw that they had smooth, shiny leaves, this one has furry leaves.

Then the hunt was on.  What the hell is this plant? We asked everyone..

So I went back to my mother and asked her, where actually did your Madumbi come from? “Oh, John, my brother brought it from Natal”  I said, “did you see it, mom?”  She described a gourd type plant with a stem growing out of it!

Then, my mother’s carer, Pinkie, said “Grannie, I am sure John said it is a ShuShu”


Yes, Google said, this is a Chayote  I can’t even pronouce that..but apparently it is a GREAT, HEALTHY, vegetable.

Mystery solved, then I did some research.

What an amazing Plant! It grows over 5 meters tall and wide, and just carries on year after year!

I’m thinking, chicken food… 🙂




Hello to you all!

Monday morning is always challenging on the farm, so when I heard a big commotion, my heart just SANK! What now..?

Charlton and Toelie came up to the house with a couple of these Monster caterpillars on a stick to show me!  (check my dog’s face!)

They were working their way up from our dam in the thousands! This scary thing will actually be an Exquisite, African Emperor Moth soon!

Now that’s TRANSFORMATION for you!

Red Barn is a poison-free zone, so what to do? We love all creatures, but we also love and need our trees!  So we put on gloves and hand-picked them out of the trees that are now almost leafless! (I hope there aren’t more tomorrow!)

Nature, once again, sent me a message:

Life is a moving, breathing thing. We have to be willing to constantly evolve. Perfection is constant transformation.
Cheers for now,
Lindy and the Red Barn Transformational Team          


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Today a customer phoned me and said she was rushing to the shop, could I keep it open for her..

She and her husband drove as fast as they could, so as not to inconvenience me!  I am still amazed that people do this, when they could just pop in to the supermarket.. Why?

These are our people.  They trust ME, their farmer.

They explained they could not dream of eating any meat that was not

  • Slaughtered humanely – that means, not transported for miles and miles, stressed and mishandled
  • Raised in a feed lot – no grass, no shelter, no care
  • Antibiotic and hormone free – so their owners could make more money quickly
  • Traceable to source

It is totally heartwarming to think that people understand what it means to be truly free range and humanely grown.

Today my heart is soring, I am making a difference, I am providing something that people are looking for!

My customers explained to me that they are CONSCIOUS EATERS!  They are not at all radical in their ideas, they just really believe in supporting local wherever possible and KNOWING that their meat is humanely reared and most importantly, Humanely Harvested.

We are taking a bit of strain at the moment with the state of the economy, and I understand that January is always a difficult month, but unlike a supermarket chain, I actually care!

Seems silly, but if you are having a hard time and you are a concious eater, I will share what I have with you whenever I can!  I often tell my customers on the farm “go help yourself in the veggie garden” :-).. thank you for supporting us here is a dozen eggs, or as I did today, “here you go, try our chicken biltong”

I realize how tight things are, we have had 2 BIG scam attempts this week.  “I’m phoning from Epol head office, we are changing our bank details” YEAH RIGHT! Then, someone ordered, the order just looked weird to deliver into the location.  He order R2,000 of goods, and send me a (forged) proof of payment for R12,000.. asking for a R10,000 refund.  Thank goodness I am savvy with all to do on the internet. PEOPLE ARE DESPERATE!

Keep up your CONCIOUS EATING, no matter what. It is just simply the right thing to do!

Think of a beautiful RED Barn like this one, and you won’t forget our name!



Hello Everyone! (on a serious note)

Local is Lekker! Today, the need for a sustainable future for farming is greater than ever!

The impact of industrial farming on the environment and animal welfare, on landscapes and wildlife, on food quality, human health, and on the cultural fabric of the nation is all too apparent.

Presently, food travels too far from the field to the kitchen, in too much packaging, polluting the environment and wasting energy. More and more people are switching to buying locally produced food. (why would anyone support a National Chain or Factory Shop, if you can spend your money locally and get the very best quality?)

YOU ARE a local supporter! THANK YOU.

When you buy from Red Barn you are supporting at least
10 local farms and businesses!

Benefits of supporting local farmers!

Social benefits

  • Local distinctiveness and a sense of belonging;
  • Opportunities for more diverse employment within the community;
  • Well informed consumers, who KNOW where their food comes from, spread the word to others.

Environmental benefits

  • Reduction in pollution from food transport;
  • Increased diversity of landscape and wildlife;
  • A reduction in the risk of pollution from chemicals
  • Understanding and support for distinctive local landscapes.

Health benefits

  • Improved access to fresh, less processed, affordable food;
  • Less transportation of animals;
  • Improved nutrient levels in food;
  • Reduction of potential risk from agricultural additives
  • Opportunities to involve people in healthier eating activities.

Economic benefits

  • Retains money in the local economy;
  • Ensures income goes to the producer, not the chain store;
  • Reverses the decline of rural services by paying local taxes;
  • Increasing local, sustainable enterprises and job creation.

Supporting Local Farmers brings people and communities together.

Thank you all once again, you are precious to us!

Lindy & the team at Red Barn

This week’s Local News and specials are online here: Check it out.

Just a few of our specials this week!

local red barn chicken

In the midst of dawns of sunshine, armed with faith and hope, we enter the splendid and bright New Year.”

Hello to you all, Red Barn would like to be the FIRST to wish you Happy New Year!

This year I got to email you on both Christmas Day and New Year’s day!

We have been “ROCKING IT” on the farm and at the market, I have never seen our stocks so low. But as you know, we have been hard at work growing more food for you! (all through the holidays)

We were very short of time to cut and process all our chickens.

So, we had no choice but to pack them whole!

That’s why we decided to put ALL OUR WHOLE CHICKENS on SPECIAL at less 10%!  Buy a whole lot at this special price! They are just freshly frozen! They can last for months in your freezer. Take advantage now?

Yay, we eventually got some more of our spectacular honey back in stock from our small supplier, Renee at Haelkraal.  Soon we will have our own honey, 6 hives and counting!

2019 is going to be a BIG year for RED BARN, New shop, new DAM, New chicken houses. Thanks for your support which will make this all possible.

Cheers for now!
Lindy & the team.

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-Lindy Gordon-Brown

Christmas is here, Hello to you all!

It’s Christmas, FAMILY time and I am feeling it, as am sure you all are. I was a privileged guest at my YOUNGEST granddaughters christening and birthday .. GREEK style in JHB over the weekend it was just WOW! Unforgettable memories.

All my grandchildren live overseas, so sad, but, it is what it is! I miss my far away family, but as MY grandmother always said to me, just close your eyes and say  “HANDS ACROSS THE SEA” It has stayed with me forever. LONG, before any internet, I could feel so happy, by just closing my eyes and saying hands across the sea. MAGIC?

This week our shop was full of happy families and lots of children all in the Christmas spirit! Our dogs were a big hit, they are SO used to the attention and they know what to do with children.. just play and smile, roll over, get a tickle, and wait in anticipation for another small human to play with!

Thank you for supporting my family, hopefully, we will continue to support YOUR family by sending you the very best farm food for many years to come.

Happy Christmas.

Lindy and the Red Barn Team


Hello Everyone from Red Barn Farm!

OOOOH, the shopping malls are so unpleasant at the moment, don’t you agree? I am avoiding them “like the plague”. The holidaymakers are arriving en force.

Red Barn hopes we can assist you with your shopping. Why not relax with a glass of wine and order online? We have so much to offer.

Our wonderful, smiley driver, GIBSON, has a new colleague, OBERT. He is also a driver AND a qualified mechanic! (going to be really helpful keeping all our vehicles and fridges running perfectly)

These SMILEY GUYS are going to deliver your orders, locally from PE to Mossel Bay. They will be on time and deliver right through the season, Red Barn Farm Drivers
. Order soon and meet them. They are… just totally delightful!

Get your order on the “Cluck Trucks”

I have decided to add everyone who has ever bought from us online to our mailing list.

The reason is, people keep asking me to add them in “drips n drabs”, then I forget!  OK, so I am going to add everyone. If you don’t want to see our newsletter for whatever reason. PLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE HERE, just this once, and our system will remember forever.  We HATE SPAM as much as you do so, please help us to get our current list updated! Thank you so much and sorry if we inconvenienced you in any way!

Have a wonderful week!
Lindy & the HAPPY team at Red Barn

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Visit Red Barn Farm Online Shop

Amazing to think that SOMETIMES what your eyes see, is not actually true!

You make think the label on that chicken says FREE RANGE, but is that just an illusion?

As we wander through the aisles of a supermarket, the rows and rows of processed foods are all trying to “catch your eye” to pick them up. “BUY ME!”, they scream.

The manufacturers spend millions of rand on designing packaging, but always, the ingredients are hard, if not impossible to read.

We are NEARLY rid of all the polystyrene trays, and now we are going to put (readable) ingredient labels on every product.  It will take a little time…

Our ingredients have always been on the website, if you click on the product you are interested in, you will see them there.

As for Red Barn Farm, we are transparent in what we do.  Our free-range farm is open to the public so you can come and see with your own eyes. No illusions here!

This week, we have some interesting specials for you.  All really good for you with no “funny stuff” added.

Have an absolutely wonderful week!

Cheers for now,
Lindy and the Red Barn Team

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Holiday time is just around the corner!

Hello to you all,

People are starting to arrive in our little towns to visit family and friends for the holidays.

Sometimes having lots of visitors can be a strain on the budget and mostly visitors want to contribute but don’t know what to bring you.

We had quite a few visitors in our shop, straight from the airport on their way to Plett, Knysna and so forth.

They specifically came into our shop because their family had told them about Red Barn. They thought they couldn’t go wrong bringing a bag or two of our products back for their hosts!

Such a WONDERFUL surprise gift, so I thought I would share the idea with you.

Better than them going to the Mall and standing in a queue at Woolies or the likes, right?

Thank you for all the orders last week. Much appreciated!

Remember, you can email Jenny with your order or call us on 044 876 0014.

Have a wonderful week.
Lindy and the Red Barn Team

On special this week


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“The supermarkets may not want them, but I reckon farmers could find a market for their huge volume of pullet eggs by selling them to restaurants and pubs.”

Producing eggs is a family tradition at Mac’s Farm, where the produce is organic and Freedom Food accredited.

Susie’s 102-year-old grandmother Alex Eldridge kept hens and supplied local shops in the 1920s.

Her parents, Peter and Liz Barton, ran one of the first local free range egg farms after they converted to organic production in 1997.

She said: “To me, pullet eggs are a product at its best but we lose so much money on them.

“We’re only paid about 48p a dozen and on average we collect 8-10,000 eggs a day from our chickens when they’re first laying.

“People don’t want these eggs because they’re small but actually pullets’ eggs have a really big yolk and less white, and are brilliant at holding together when cooked.

“They are the only eggs we use when we have them, and the kids love them.

“Everybody believes large eggs are what you need because a recipe says so, but you shouldn’t expect chickens to lay big eggs.

“Good welfare is allowing a chicken to lay an egg size that its body is naturally designed to do.

“If you buy smaller pullet eggs instead, just use one extra.

“You’ll get the same result.”