Hello to you all!

Glorius summer days! Chilly but beautiful. The farm looks so stunning, it is a joy to wake up and look outside.

This week we are featuring our different MINCED MEATS. We have Chicken mince, Beef Mince and Pork mince all on special.

Mince is always my “go to” when I can’t think of what to cook.  Sometimes I mix two different types of meat together.

Like Chicken and Pork mince.

It makes for something totally different. Try this:

Chicken and Pork Katleti (Russian meat patties)

We have also put some of


delicious, homemade goodies on special.  I love promoting their goods because they are really special people making wonderful things with great love and care!

Wishing you all a perfect week!
Cheers for now!

Lindy & the team.

Check out our new eco-friendly Fire lighters!

free-range minced meat

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chicken pieces

Hello to you all!

Everyone has their favourite cut of chicken! In the very beginning, I clearly remember us learning how to do the 5 basic cuts as quickly as possible, with a knife!  Yes, we were slow, but we persevered until we upgraded to a sharp spinning blade!

One of my very best chicken cuts is Spatchcocked.  What a strange word. Where did it come from?

This wacky term comes from Ireland and may be an abbreviation of

“Dispatch the cock”

a phrase which the Irish apparently threw around in the 18th century when they needed to whip up a quick and simple chicken dinner.  Basically, spatchcocking means the same thing as butterflying, but it’s just more fun to say.

I love “FLATTIES” because they are so easy to cook!  In the oven or on a braai or Weber, they cook quickly and evenly.

Enjoy one of our Butterflied Flatties, plain or spiced at a special price this week!

Cheers for now,
Lindy and the Red Barn Team


Delivery Days

Plett drop off point is NEXT TO OLD NICKS between 12 and 12.30 every Friday – we also deliver in Knysna, Sedgefield, Wilderness on Fridays to your home or office.

George deliveries on Thursdays
Mossel Bay deliveries on Wednesdays

Cape Town deliveries on Tuesday and Thursdays

 ** Port Elizabeth deliveries are every second week on TUESDAY **

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Hello to you all!

So, yes, I am a “tree hugger” but only when I can’t hug an animal, without trees there are no animals so, it’s logical for me to hug trees, right?🤣
environment day red barn farm
This week we are celebrating World Environment Day, with the BLUE of the earth, the GREENING we need to do and our TRIPLE ORANGE products that are not only enviromentally friendly, they will clean your home with the power of sweet smelling oranges! They work, I use nothing else!

World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated on the 5th of June every year, and is the United Nation’s principal vehicle for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of our environment.

So each and every one of us can do these 3 simple things and make a difference:

  1. Plant a tree (you can send us one, we will plant it for you if you don’t have space or time) We will send you a picture of your tree every year on it’s, plant-day.
  2. Change to earth friendly cleaning products click here!
  3. and of COURSE, get rid of one use plastic! NOTE all our bags are compostable and biodegradable. (we are trying!)

I have put our Triple Orange, earth friendly, unbelievably effective, cleaning products on special for you to try, and for those of you that just LOVE Triple Orange already, we brought in some cost saving 5 litre buckets of PURE ORANGE CLEANING POWER just for you.

Our earth is fragile and spectacular, help Red Barn to protect it.
Send a tree with Gibson, bring us a tree to the farm, or even send us tree money, we will buy a tree for you!  I dare you!🤣

Lindy & the team at Red Barn


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“Better the chill blast of winter than the hot breath of a pursuing elephant” Chinese Proverb

Hello to you all!

As I sit here writing to you, the rain is pouring down and I have dusted off my gas heater and started it up.

Yesterday was over 30 degrees with a burg wind!  Just crazy.

This week we are putting Milkwood’s Dairy Products on special, if you haven’t tried their delicious products, now is the time!!

Handcrafted GREEK yoghurt is their speciality. It’s the only yoghurt I can eat.  No preservatives, live cultures, full cream, it’s the real thing.

Our chickens have been growing really well and we decided to give you a great offer this week with a coupon code.

We have from 1.5kgs to large 3kg birds.  If you are not sure what size you want, just order one of our pre-selected ROASTING CHICKENS. They are the perfect size for 4-6 people (1.8-2.0kgs)

Nothing better than a big, fat, Red Barn Roast Chicken to warm up your winter table.

Now I must grab my gumboots and go and check the protective ditches dug around the chicken houses as we are expecting big rain!

Cheers for now!

Lindy & the team.

Free Range Whole Chicken


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Red Barn farm to fork

Newsletter Farm to Fork Deliveries

Hello to you all!

It’s been a busy time for me, mentally.. I am trying to get our products delivered to your homes in the Western Cape and Port Elizabeth (and in between) as cheaply and easily as possible.

I have succeeded in setting up Drop Off / Collection points all over Cape Town so far. So much to think about! The “points” are going to be run by some of our good customers who already know our products. They are going to act as hosts for people who want to share the delivery fee. It is very exciting to see the great response we have had so far.

We want to lead the way in Farm to Fork deliveries!

One day, we will have a complete basket of goods, and a finely tuned delivery network, so you will never need to go to a supermarket again. Wouldn’t that be great?

We are also well underway with our New Farm Shop. It is going to change my farm forever, in a really good way!

Cheers for now,
Thank you for supporting local farmers!
Lindy and the Red Barn Team

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Free Range pet food on special

Pet week, Free Range pet food on special!

Add 2/3

Hello to you all…

We have such a huge pet following, I thought it was time to say THANK YOU by giving you a special on our Chicken Pet mince.

Our Chicken pet mince is made up of chicken carcasses, liver, gizzards & necks. You can serve it raw or cook it with rice and veggies. 500g flat bags.

For humans, we have put all our sausages on special this week. There are lots to choose from.

The Ready Made Meals are a HUGE hit with our customers, so we have added a 1kg Chicken and Broccoli Bake, and a Beef pie 500g, plus a Chicken Pie 500g

The NEW FARM SHOP, gets underway this week with the steel structure and roof expected to be completed by early next week. Then, the hard work will begin.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

Cheers for now! Lindy & the team.

Free range Pet Food


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Hello to you all!

Last week we had a Huge special so, as promised, this week we are introducing our new supplier, Hetta’s foods.

This is how it happened, really. Philip Muller, our neighbour who makes our dairy products, said: “I have set up a meeting for you with JOHAN”. Ok says me, who is Johan? Then he explained and I totally GOT IT, why Hetta’s Foods should be included in our range!

After meeting JOHAN, I was SOLD. He is just the kind of supplier I can TRUST to make our customers the FINEST, ready to cook dishes, from free-range, ethically sourced ingredients. This is a very typical example of how Red Barn, just kinda fell into new, absolutely amazing products. Word of mouth and Trust in our fellow farmers and artisanal businesses.

We gave Johan some 4 kg plus chickens and said “go make us some GREAT MEALS”

“Based in George, Hetta’s Home Foods (named after his grandmother) is operated by the owner Johan de Jager. He is passionate about cooking and felt the need to create wholesome affordable, Free range ready cooked meals. The greatest care is taken to source the best and freshest local produce. In addition to using free-range meat in all their dishes, they use stone ground flour to make their own pastry and pasta, and dairy straight from the farm. No preservatives, MSG or colourants. Cook straight from frozen!”

You are going to LOVE It!

Cheers for now,
Lindy and the Red Barn Team

*PS if you know of any great, locally produced products that you think we should add to our range, please let us know!

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New Batch of Free Range Pork!

Hello to you all,

I trust you had a great Easter Weekend, the weather wasn’t perfect, but us farmers are grateful for the rain.

We have some great specials on our new batch of pork! Our pigs are grown for us in Albertinia, by our farmer Martinus. He does a great job and the proof is in the tasing.

Pasture reared pigs, just taste so much better!

We have a few small pork belly roasts and some great pork chops too. If you are looking for something that’s not on the site, just email Jenny or write in the comments box when you are ordering.

One of my very favourite things in the shop is TRIPLE ORANGE GEL. I haven’t bought sunlight liquid, Vim, tile cleaner, floor cleaner, bathroom cleaner, handy andy or any other cleaning stuff from the supermarket for years. I just use this grease cutting ORANGE gel for everything, even washing my dogs!!!

Try some Triple Orange Gel, it’s on special.

Have a wonderful week. Cheers for now!

Lindy & the Red Barn team

Free range Pork

Worker’s Day
We are SO BLESSED to have such wonderful “workers”

Hello Everyone!

We are so lucky, after 8 years, (sorting through people to find the best), we now have the most wonderful people working for RED BARN, Do not be fooled, every one for these guys have “Serious Special Skills” and all of them have been trained by us. These lovely people all do their jobs perfectly, so I am free to manage. Thank you ALL so much.

Last week was really interesting. I met up with one of my idols, Jeanne Groenewald, from Elgin Chickens. She visited our farm and gave me a few very interesting tips., for which I am most grateful.

However, we never want to produce 100,000 – 200,000 chickens a week as she does! Wow the mind boggles. (She supplies Woolies and has factory shops all over the country for her excess stock)

It was wonderful to share woman business owner ideas, it was great to feel her passion, it was also great to see where RED BARN will NEVER go.

We love interacting with our customers, we will stay PERSONAL and Exclusive. We will never sell to chain stores or have factory shops. QUALITY is our goal, not quantity.

I showed Jeanne a 4kg chicken, she was absolutely astounded.

You see, we are actually the leaders in REAL free range, we do everything the poultry people say you ABSOLUTELY cannot do. I LIKE THAT! (a lot)

*feelin pretty proud*
Lindy & the team at Red Barn

PS. This week you can buy anything from our shop at a discounted price!!

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Hello to you all!

What happened? It’s March already and I really don’t feel like we had a summer! Oh well, let’s make the best of the last summer days and have a braai.  Cooking outside always seems to cheer us South Africans up so I’ve put some braai goodies on special for you this week.

I am going off for a “little break” next weekend.

I need to restore my soul in the peaceful Karoo.  I am staying with customers of ours who own this cute little cottage far away from everything.

So next week I won’t be writing a newsletter. However, I will send you a reminder to order and Jenny will select some specials for you.

I hope to come back rested and revived, filled with new ideas and inspiration.

Until then,
Lindy and the Red Barn Team

Braai Goodies on special

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